3 Best places to play casino in Europe

Las Vegas might be the world’s top gambling hub but Europe is also home to quite a number of amazing casinos. Some of the world’s first casinos were first opened here over two centuries ago to act as home to the adventurous aristocrats. If you are visiting Europe and looking for the best casino to unwind, here are the top 3 casinos that will give you a memorable gaming experience.

1. Casino Estoril, Portugal

Those looking to have memorable moments around spinning reels or while playing blackjack are roulette will certainly love casino Estoril. Besides being the biggest casino in Portugal, it is also a great place for anyone to gamble from amateur to professionals. It opens daily from 3:00 pm-3:00 am except on Christmas Eve.

Casino Estoril is located 20km from Lisbon international airport and 18km from Lisbon, Portugal’s coastal, hilly capital city.

Casino Estoril offers parking space, Taxi Park, a clock room, ATM services and of course tobacco shop. It has a free admission to everyone above 18 years and offers all the popular types of gambling. The poker tournaments held throughout the year with local band over the weekends will keep you fully entertained as you place your bet.

2. Clermont club, UK

London is home to some of the world’s most luxurious casinos with Clermont club topping the list. It is located at the heart of Berkeley square in the last remaining townhouse built by the renowned William Kent. It offers fine gaming experience as well as a wide range of casino games ranging from baccarat, blackjack roulette and poker tables.

For more private gaming experience, you can visit the Intimate private bar and lounge or at Salle prive.

You do not have break a bank in order to play here as the stakes are low but they only accept attendants who are over 18 years.

Also, you do not have to worry about food as they offer fine dining facilities.

3. Casino de Monte, Carlo, Monaco

Casino de Monte is among the few luxurious places in Monaco where the rich can play for real money. The building is spectacular with fine architectural style.

This casinos sets a record by offering the highest number of slot machines in Europe. It offers over 1000 slot machines and continually adds new once every week. While here, you will get an opportunity to play slot games that are not released beyond Europe borders.

The jazz, pop and rock concerts held here here every once in a while are a bonus together with fashion shows.