Discover The Abundance In Western European Casinos

Western Europe has always had the spark in everything; the spark in life, the spark in wealth and the spark in classy and big casinos. What makes western European casinos so special is not only the quality of the casinos itself, but the locations of the beautiful Mediterranean scenery or the urban jungles. Discover which casino can call itself worthy amongst the abundance of western European casinos and discover which western European casino has it all.

The first western European country that will pop into your mind will definitely be France with its abundance of casino with a grand total of 189 casinos and mind-blowing 15281 slot machines. Without a doubt it had to be Monte Carlo, Monaco the city of the rich and richer people and the city of luxury and class, where the biggest western European casino is located. The name of the coveted casino is Le Cafe de Paris and houses a total of 1200 slot machines and other gambling machines and 15 table games. The biggest chance you will ever get at meeting high-class celebrities will be in this casino.

Another very interesting casino to visit is located in the middle of Germany. This casino is called Spielbank Baden-Baden and is located in the city of Baden-Baden, Germany. The first thing you will notice is its historical architecture and flair and this casino is one of the oldest in western European casinos. The Spielbank Baden-Baden has more than 130 slot machines and 17 table games including 5 poker tables. This casino also has a specialized luck menu in the restaurants so that the visitor can enjoy eating the luck that they will need in the casino games.

The next stop in western European casinos will be in Madrid which houses one casino. This western European casino is named Casino Gran Madrid and is one of the highest ranking casinos in Spain and Europe. This casino has a total of 174 slot machines and other machines and 20 table games. The spacious casino truly deserves its name and shines with its architecture and style.

The last western European casino for today will be the Casino Municipale di Campione d’Italia which can be found in Campione d’Italia, Italy. This casino is the biggest in Italy with a total of 225 slot machines and 30 table games, even surpassing the size of Casino Gran Madrid. This casino ranked second in the list of Italian casinos.

There are plenty of other western European casinos that are worth visiting, but the creme de la creme can be found in the ones we presented to you. Do not miss the chance to visit one of these within your life time and you will truly say that these casinos are worth it.